Strengthening International Communication Capacity Building: Discourse, Narrative and Public Opinion Guidance


  • Songyin Li



International Communication Capacity Building; Chinese Discourse System; Chinese Narrative System; International Public Opinion Guiding Power.


General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed during the 30th collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee that we should have profound understanding on the importance and necessity of strengthening and improving international communication work under the new situation, and make great efforts to strengthen international communication capacity building and form an international discourse that matches our comprehensive national power and international status. International communication capacity building has become an important task for China at present. This paper makes intellectual inquiries to explore three paths for strengthening international communication capacity building in an hope to providing references and lessons for strengthening international communication capacity building: (1) Breaking the discourse construction of China by the Western discourse system and building a Chinese discourse system based on Chinese perspective and human perspective. (2) Telling Chinese stories with Chinese discourse and forming a Chinese narrative system. (3) Making Chinese voices with Chinese discourse, guiding the official public opinion field and spreading the private public opinion field to improve international public opinion guidance.


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