Research on the Balance of Urban Historical Blocks

-- Taking the Area Around Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street in Wuhan as an Example


  • Yixuan Fan
  • Yue Sun



Balance between Old and New; Historical and Cultural Blocks; Humanistic Fashion; Protection and Renewal.


Urban renewal and upgrading is inevitable, and excellent historical districts are cultural carriers that cannot be copied in the process of urban development. The relationship between fashion and history should co-exist. Taking Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street Block as an example, this paper analyzes how to deal with the balance between the old and the new in urban construction, and how to integrate the fresh sense of humanistic fashion into the historical block, and discusses the historical and cultural value, current situation of Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street architecture and the development strategy of its fashion block. By providing information collected through investigation and reading literature, we can conclude and infer its development direction and public will, and then discuss the gradual renewal direction of historical districts in turn. Taking it as an example, this paper preliminarily explains the important role and significance of historical and cultural blocks in enriching people's living environment and spiritual world.


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