On the Traditional Clothing Culture of Korea and Japan under the Influence of China


  • Tong Wang




Clothing; China; Japan; Korea; Ancient Times.


As an important tool to protect human skin and hide shame, clothing has always been an indispensable part of life. China has a history and culture of five thousand years. After entering the era of civilization, China had produced its own distinctive clothing, which demonstrated different characteristics in various times. Scholars have long studied the influence of ancient Chinese culture on Japanese and Korean culture. This paper studies the following related contents:Japanese words composed with Chinese characters is one obvious example of this. Ancient Japan and South Korea also borrowed from China in the areas of literature, art, politics, costumes, and customs and so on. There is a certain correlation with China, directly or indirectly affected by Chinese traditional culture. The comparison of traditional costumes of China with those of Korea and Japan indicates that whether China had a profound influence on the traditional clothing of South Korea and Japan, through the trading of culture, style, and techniques.


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