A Reconciliation between Yi Nationality’s Religious Beliefs and Modern Political Identities: An Interpretation of Christianity in a Yi Village


  • Zheming Gui




Yi Nationality’s Religious Beliefs; Reconciliation; Christianity in a Yi Village; Modern Political Identities.


In order to explore how ethnic minorities in China reshape their perception of themselves today, I conducted field research in K Village in southwest China. In this anthropological research about this village which has a majority of Yi minorities, I did in-depth interviews, discourse analysis, and participatory observance to examine the conflicts between three different identities, the tensions behind the contemporary society, the history of Christianity in this village, and the meaning of different identities to individuals. Based on the analysis of this cultural phenomena in K Village, I interpret the cultural meaning of Christianity there––Yi minorities in this village are using Christianity as a tool to reconcile their modern political identities and cultural or religious identities. This research not only contributes to the understanding of ethnic minorities’ bodily practices of negotiating various cultures, but also assists governments in developing better ethnic policies.


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