A Systematic Literature Review of the Child Neglect Measurement Scale


  • Yijun Zheng




Child Neglect; Measurement Scale; Systematic Literature Review.


Child neglect has an important impact on children's physical and mental development. However, the concept and definition of child neglect have not been unified, and the evaluation methods, discriminant standards and measurement scales of child neglect used in different countries are also different. To summarize and analyze the characteristics and limitations of existing measurement tools, this study searched 5 Chinese and English databases, obtained 22 studies on child neglect measurement, and conducted a systematic literature review on them. The results show that the concept and definition of child neglect are still not unified. Most of the existing child neglect measurement scales have good reliability and validity, but there are differences in regions, groups, ages, measurement methods and translation versions, and most of them do not pay attention to neglect duration. Studies lack support from prevalence data. It can be seen that the researchers need to further develop systematic review about measurement tools of child neglect. On this basis, develop comprehensive measurement methods for different subjects, improve the accuracy and scientificity of the translated version, and make it more suitable for the national cultural context.


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