Research on the Incentive of "Chinese Spirit" to Higher Vocational Students in the Epidemic Situation


  • Huifang Guo
  • Denghong Wang
  • Fangfang Yin



Epidemic Situation; Chinese Spirit; Incentive.


The sudden epidemic has changed people's way of production and life, but the anti-epidemic also fully embodies the "Chinese spirit". Many extraordinary stories have emerged in the epidemic, which bring us a sense of immersive participation and make them more infectious than usual. This paper discusses the "Chinese spirit" embodied in the epidemic and deeds and their incentives to students, and hope to extend the path exploration of the cultivation of "Chinese spirit" of higher vocational students for your reference and evaluation.


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Guo, H., Wang, D., & Yin, F. (2021). Research on the Incentive of "Chinese Spirit" to Higher Vocational Students in the Epidemic Situation. BCP Social Sciences & Humanities, 14, 275-279.