Analysis on the Trend of Content Production of "Fans Create Videos" Website

-- Taking Bilibili as an Example


  • Shiqi Yu



Fans Create Videos; Barrage; Content Production; Internet.


 "Fan-created video" is one of the text forms reproduced by fans. It is the second creation of the original video text by fans according to their own narrative logic and value trend, and it is the positive practice of subculture groups in the new cultural pattern. The development of Internet media technology has further promoted the enthusiasm of fans to participate and the diversity of expression. When fans create videos, they use audio, video, pictures, words and other audio-visual materials to interpret their favorite idols. In this culture, fans turn media consumption into the production of new texts and construct new meanings. In the Internet era, barrage has developed into a social activity, and barrage users show the characteristics of socialization in the process of interaction, and the individual viewing activities of viewers gradually turn into group ritual activities. Taking bilibili barrage video network as an example, this paper analyzes the production mechanism and communication characteristics of "Fan-created videos" in China, and explores the trend of content production of "Fan-created videos" websites.


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