Investigation on "Chinese Spirit" of Architectural Students in Higher Vocational Colleges


  • Huifang Guo
  • Fangfang Yin
  • Denghong Wang



Chinese Spirit; Epidemic Situation; Higher Vocational Students; Impact Research; Curriculum; Ideological and Political Education.


At the beginning of 2020, China suffered a sudden epidemic, in which many extraordinary stories occurred. These stories in extraordinary times have stronger appeal to people than usual. In order to investigate which "Chinese spirit" stories have the deepest impact on higher vocational students, as well as the communication path of "Chinese spirit" loved by students and the effect of integrating "Chinese spirit" into classroom ideology and politics, a questionnaire was issued to architectural students to fully grasp the impact of "Chinese spirit" on higher vocational students. The results show that the most impressed "Chinese spirit" figures are medical personnel. Most students understand and agree with the "Chinese spirit", think that patriotism and "helping each other in the same boat" can best represent the Chinese spirit, and think that the integration of the "Chinese spirit" into classroom teaching has had a positive impact on them.


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Guo, H., Yin, F., & Wang, D. (2021). Investigation on "Chinese Spirit" of Architectural Students in Higher Vocational Colleges. BCP Social Sciences & Humanities, 14, 308-313.