The Relationship between the Improvement of Foreign University Leadership and the Modernization of University Governance


  • Chunyan He



University Leadership; Modernization of University Governance; Teacher Leadership; Improvement Path.


Universities are leading, leading, basic, and monopolistic in terms of high-tech knowledge production and productivity transformation, knowledge innovation talents and high-tech research and development talents, which determine that universities have become a national economy. A productivity element with dynamic value that is indispensable for take-off, social progress and its stability and sustainable development. On the basis of discussing "why the modernization of university governance capabilities is so important" and clarifying the "relationship between university leadership and university governance capabilities", the paper starts with "ideological power", "organizational power", "Decision-making power", "institutional power", and "resource power". The 7 aspects of "cultural power" and "principal power" construct and interpret the university leadership element model.


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