Research on Children's Book Design from the Perspective of Yunnan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection


  • Shun Gao



Yunnan; Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection; Children's Book Design.


Intangible cultural heritage is the common wealth of the people of all ethnic groups in the country. It includes the deepest feelings of all ethnic groups, and contains far-reaching significance and value. The Intangible cultural heritage of a nation contains the roots of its traditional culture and the unique way of existence that forms its culture. Yunnan is the province with the largest number of ethnic minorities in China. Its Intangible cultural heritage is rich in content and diverse in form. By integrating the essence of Intangible cultural heritage with children's book design, it is an important way for children to learn traditional culture and spread and inherit national culture. The dissemination of information through books is characterized by comprehensive and systematic content. Therefore, according to the style characteristics of Intangible cultural heritage in Yunnan, integrating the extracted visual elements into the design of children's books can not only promote and protect Intangible cultural heritage, but also add different styles of national culture to the design of children's books.


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