The Influence of Contemporary Art on Modern Design

-- Taking the Influence of Contemporary Installation Art on Modern Poster Design as an Example


  • Mingyue Dai



Contemporary Art; Modern Design; Installation Art; Poster Design; Interaction; Three-Dimensional Space.


Contemporary art, like modern design, cannot define a period scientifically, we can only understand it from a general period. Both contemporary art and modern design came into people's view gradually after the Second World War, and both actively explored and interacted with the whole world in their own ways of development under the great cultural environment after the Second World War. Although contemporary art and modern design have their own development characteristics, they have certain commonalities. Even in a certain sense, contemporary art and modern design are interchangeable. Due to the influence of science and technology and production factors, designers are different from artists. Art is a pure personal feeling, while design needs to take into account the preferences of the market, consumers and customers. Therefore, designers cannot be compared with artists in the pursuit of beauty. Therefore, in the design process, designers often draw inspiration from works of art, and the design thus develops in a good way. However, this does not mean that art and design are good or bad. Art and design are independent and interdependent, and art and design can only develop through mutual learning. Since the emergence of the Bauhaus Institute, modern design has undergone groundbreaking changes, from the pursuit of cumbersome and gorgeous design only for the aristocracy to the public design, simple style has become the dominant, which is a big step in the design industry. With the development of productivity level, design has changed from meeting people's basic life needs to meeting people's means of enriching daily life and improving the quality of life.


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