The Relationship between China-Singapore Development Cooperation and Singapore’s Chinese Language Education: A Mini-Review


  • Yuxuan Fu
  • Daphne Khee Chong



China-Singapore; Development Cooperation; Singapore Chinese Language Education; Second Language Acquisition.


This review paper examines the intricate relationship between China-Singapore Development Cooperation and Chinese language education in Singapore. China's remarkable economic growth and its rising global influence have prompted many countries, including Singapore, to recognize the significance of Chinese language proficiency for fostering closer economic, cultural, and diplomatic ties with China. The paper aims to analyse the strategic considerations behind China's engagement with Singapore and how these considerations have shaped the development of Chinese language education in Singapore. The review explores various dimensions of this relationship, including the historical context, policy frameworks, curriculum design, pedagogical approaches, and the impact on students' language proficiency and cultural understanding. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing literature, this mini-review paper provides valuable insights into the dynamics between China's development strategy and the promotion of Chinese language education in Singapore, shedding light on the broader implications for language learning in the context of economic and geopolitical interactions.


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