Conservation of Neighbourhood Streets in Historic Buildings Based on the Renewal of Guoqing Road Neighbourhood in Yangzhou Urban Area as an Example


  • Qiuyue Wang



Historic Buildings; Neighbourhood Conservation; Historic Streets and Alleys; Guoqing Road.


With the development of the city, newer and newer high-rise buildings have been erected, while some historical buildings, as carriers of traditional culture, have been scientifically and rationally protected, there are also many historical districts that have not formed a perfect system and lack of spatial protection, resulting in their original appearance being somewhat out of place with the current urban development. At the same time, the private alteration of historic buildings by residents has resulted in a mishmash of styles in the neighbourhoods, losing the long-established historical and cultural flavour and value. This project explores the problems of inappropriate use, lack of space and unclear architectural style in historic buildings, and analyses and researches the conservation and renovation of the neighbourhood of Guoqing Road in Yangzhou, based on the city's positioning, architectural style and people's habits. The design and planning are based on Yangzhou's urban positioning, architectural style and people's living habits.


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