Development of Construction Workers Information Management System


  • Bi He
  • Chuanzhi Geng



MIS; Construction Workers; Software.


The construction industry has the typical characteristics of large scale and high output value, and it employs a very large number of workers. Efficient and safe management of the large number of workers is an important requirement of construction industry. In order to meet this requirement, this research studied and developed construction workers information management system. This system adopts network structure, and the main body structure is B/S. on the server side, MySQL was used as database tools and PHP was used as the development language, on the browser side, HTML, CSS and JavaScript was used as develop language. This system can provide the basic functions of increasing, deleting, modifying and searching workers' information, and can count the workload and efficiency of workers, realize the scientific management of human resources, and provide great help for the development of enterprises.


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