An Empirical Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Economic Growth in Shanxi Province


  • Ruiyao He
  • Zejiong Zhou



Economic Growth; Technical Progress; Double Logarithmic Model.


Since the reform and opening up, the national economy has entered a new stage of development. As a major energy province, Shanxi's stable economic development has also attracted attention. This paper analyzes the four aspects that affect Shanxi's economic growth, namely, labor force, material capital investment, technological progress and energy consumption. Through the establishment of double logarithm model, parameter estimation, model test and analysis are carried out to explore the influencing factors of its economic development. Based on this, the potential of Shanxi's economic development is found, and reasonable suggestions are put forward for promoting Shanxi's economic development.


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He, R., & Zhou, Z. (2022). An Empirical Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Economic Growth in Shanxi Province. Frontiers in Science and Engineering, 2(12), 42–49.