Study on Pyrolysis Hydrocarbon Generation Kinetics and Shale Gas Formation Process of Marine Continental Transitional Rocks in Shanxi Formation, Ordos Basin


  • Zhiwei Ma
  • Zhiming Xu
  • Xiaogang Li
  • Xiang Li
  • Jungang Lu
  • Yong Li
  • Qingbo He
  • Liping Zhao



Shan 23 Sub Segment; Sea Land Transitional Facies; Shale Gas; Hydrocarbon Generation Kinetics; Petromod Basin Simulation Software; Resources.


The marine continental transitional facies shale of Shan23 sub member of Shanxi Formation in Ordos Basin was selected, and the hydrocarbon generation kinetics of Shan 23 sub member marine continental transitional facies shale was studied through open system thermal simulation experiment. The experimental results show that the pre exponential factor of Shan 23 shale is 12.92*1015/s, and the activation energy is mainly concentrated in 52~82kcal/mole. On this basis, combined with petromod basin simulation software, the burial history, thermal evolution history and hydrocarbon generation history of Shanxi Formation shale are established, and the formation process of shale gas is clarified. Finally, using the genetic method, combined with the original TOC restored by Petromod basin simulation software and the hydrocarbon generation obtained from the open system thermal simulation experiment, the resources of the study area are calculated when the hydrocarbon expulsion efficiency is 50%. The calculation results show that the shale gas resource in the study area is 12.41*1012m3, which shows a good exploration potential of sea land transitional facies shale in the study area.


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