Research on the Establishment, Operation and Management of "Farm Helper" APP


  • Wannuo Chen
  • Linxiang Wang
  • Xianguang Xie
  • Zejiong Zhou



Agricultural Product Sales; APP; Marketing Strategy; Risk Management.


The poverty problem in China has an important connection with the precision sales of agricultural products. We are committed to providing farmers with all-round help, taking "farmers' income increase, agricultural growth, and rural stability" as our mission, and comprehensively helping farmers develop and become rich. Therefore, our team has developed a central APP called "Agricultural Helper", which provides a safe, reliable and convenient platform for farmers to sell agricultural products. Our platform eliminates many redundant steps and directly contacts with enterprises such as fruit processing plants and canning plants. The platform also provides a personal to personal marketing model to further simplify the transportation of agricultural products and ensure the quality of agricultural products, such marketing mode can reduce the purchase cost of enterprise users and individual users. This paper introduces the main functions, products and services of the "agricultural helper" APP, analyzes its marketing strategies, and analyzes its risk types and countermeasures.


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Chen, W., Wang, L., Xie, X., & Zhou, Z. (2023). Research on the Establishment, Operation and Management of "Farm Helper" APP. Scientific Journal of Technology, 4(12), 29–35.