The Digital Protection of the Jingdezhen Ceramic


  • Yujia Gong



Ceramic; Digital Protection; Intangible Cultural Heritage.


 The Jingdezhen ceramic is an important symbol of the historical and cultural achievements of the Chinese nation, and an important part of excellent traditional culture. This paper summary the development history and cultural characteristics of Jingdezhen ceramic, and proposes the use of digital technology to empower the development of the Jingdezhen ceramic industry and the protection of intangible cultural heritage, so as to solve the problems faced in the development and protection of Jingdezhen’s intangible cultural heritage, such as the aging of inheritors, the loss of traditional porcelain-making techniques, the lack of innovative products and weak brand influence, and to promote the development of Jingdezhen’s cultural and creative industry by creating Jingdezhen cultural IP and carrying out cross-border cooperation.


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