Research on Innovative Design of New Media Intervening in Campus Culture


  • Kai Cao
  • Chunmei Wei



New Media Art; Campus Culture Design; Optimization Strategy; Cultural Development.


This study combed the development process of campus culture design and new media technology through literature research, analyzed the design techniques of traditional campus culture and the artistic characteristics of multimedia, cited it in the theoretical basis of campus culture innovation design, and elaborated its research purpose and significance. Through systematic study of new media application in the design of campus culture, from the design theory and design principles, design strategy, design content, through new media in the construction of campus diversity, art is changed, the respect such as transmission efficiency into consideration, it is concluded that the new media involved in design of campus culture and innovative theory basis. Final design practice method, in order to finally have a system planning design of campus culture, finally combined with the present development of the campus, field orientation, the education idea, the development present situation characteristic and delve into aspects such as teachers and students demand, summed up the new media culture value, education value in design of campus culture and the development trend of the future. According to the previous theory and case analysis, the design innovation practice is carried out, and the new design expression is carried out on campus by combining the new media elements. Then, through the investigation of the development trend of modern campus culture design, the sketch is drawn, the design scheme is deepened, and the final landing is made. Through the design of the campus culture under the multimedia intervention innovative research, to improve the teaching quality, beautify the campus environment, rich cultural connotation and effect, for the construction of campus culture, cultivating innovative talents, promote the school connotation development, and promote socialist core values, the road of construction of cultural power.


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