The Application and Visual Communication of “Dynamic News” in the Rule of Law Report


  • Xiaoyu Zhang



Dynamic News; The Beijing News; Visualization; Rule of Law Reporting.


Rule of law reporting type “Dynamic News” not only can restore the news image and present the news state of affairs through 3D animation, but also achieve the purpose of focusing on the hot cases and explaining the judicial procedures with the ease of data visualization communication, and strive to bridge the cognitive gap between the general audience and professional legal knowledge by implanting dynamic charts and short videos in the news text, which enhances the effect of spreading legal information. As a new genre of legal news, rule of law reporting “Dynamic News” integrates journalism, law, new media technology and application, and has its own unique reporting method, application concept and communication paradigm. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of national rule of law construction and the attention of new media communication, the systematicness of legal news communication research needs to be deepened, and the professionalism, technicality and social functionality of rule of law reporting “Dynamic News” still need to be improved.


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