The Empirical Study on the Information Retrieval Behavior of College Students based on the Theory of Reasoned Action


  • Lei Ye
  • Ziyu Tu
  • Yuting Ren



Information Retrieval Behavior; The Theory of Reasoned Action; Structural Equation Modeling.


Exploring the information retrieval ability of college students will increase their initiative in information retrieval, improve their ability to review, evaluate, analyze and use information, and improve the information quality of college students. According to the theory of reasoned action, this paper discusses the four aspects of information demand, information perception, information application ability and information evaluation to construct a model of college students' information retrieval ability, and uses structural equations to detect it. The results show that information perception and evaluation have positive effects on undergraduate information retrieval intention, information retrieval intention has a positive effect on information retrieval ability, and information demand and application ability have no obvious effect on information retrieval intention.


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Ye, L., Tu, Z., & Ren, Y. (2023). The Empirical Study on the Information Retrieval Behavior of College Students based on the Theory of Reasoned Action. BCP Education & Psychology, 10, 17–26.