New Media Events Crown the Public: The Example of Douyin's Rebroadcast of the 2022 Qatar World Cup


  • Tong Lin



Media Events; New-Media Events; Platisher; Empowerment; Social Equality.


In the era of web3.0, bottom-up and decentralized communication has received more attention. As a digital content entity with both the professional editorial authority of a media outlet and the unique openness of a user-oriented platform, the user base of Platisher is expanding year by year. In the development process of Platisher, Media Event Theory(MET) found by Dayan and Katz has been given new meanings and functions. Based on MET, this article takes the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a typical New Media Event (NME) to explore the new characteristics of NME in Platisher, and discuss how Platisher represented by Douyin uses NME to empower the public and promote social equality.


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