My Views on International Chinese Language Education Reform


  • Ziyi Lin



Education; International Chinese Language; The 20th Party Congress.


Since the 19th Party Congress, our Party has established the strategic height of developing socialism with Chinese characteristics and made a major deployment of giving priority to the development of education, accelerating the modernization of education and building a strong education country. This fully puts the status and key role of education in the process of the development of the whole national cause. The General Secretary pointed out that it is necessary to promote international communication capacity building, tell the Chinese story, spread the Chinese voice, and show the world a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China. Guided by this important idea of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the internationalization of the Chinese language is sailing high and developing fast. The development of international Chinese language education is changing day by day. In the new era, we should scientifically understand the basic concept of international Chinese language education and construct a modern international Chinese language education system that is more open, more inclusive and more standardized.


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