Protection and Development of Ethnic Minority Characteristic Cultural Villages

-- A Case Study of Panzhihua


  • Xiangli Zhang



Ethnic Minorities; Characteristic Cultural Villages; Protection and Development.


In the process of protecting and developing ethnic minority characteristic cultural villages in Panzhihua, the overall trend of rural revitalization and development in Panzhihua is to make reasonable use of the unique resources of each ethnic minority village and build ethnic minority characteristic villages with rich cultural elements. For a long time, there have been problems in the protection and development of ethnic minority cultural villages in Panzhihua, such as insufficient local government awareness, single cultural village functions, serious loss of young labor force, and a lack of reasonable planning and scientific management. For this reason, this study will explore new ways to protect and develop ethnic minority cultural villages with distinctive characteristics in Panzhihua. This approach has significant practical significance for the inheritance of ethnic minority culture, ecological environment protection, rural revitalization, and sustainable economic development in Panzhihua.


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