A Survey and Research on High School Students' Motivation for Mathematics Learning


  • Yingwen Zhang
  • Ying Zhang




High School Students' Motivation; Mathematics Learning; Cultivate Students' Mathematical Literacy.


In our real life, any activity of people is motivated and directed towards a certain purpose, so learning activities are also the same. At the same time, high school grades are to some extent determined by learning motivation. This survey of high school students' learning motivation is not only conducive to discovering the current situation, but also to developing students' mathematical literacy. The following conclusions are drawn in this article: (1) The overall level of mathematical motivation among high school students is relatively high, but in both dimensions, external learning motivation is weaker. (2) There are differences in learning motivation among different grades, and the second year of high school is a low period. (3) There is no significant difference between mathematical motivation and gender. (4) There is not much difference between math motivation and math grades, so poor math grades do not necessarily mean poor math learning motivation. (5) The factors of teachers, parents, and classmates cannot be ignored.


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