Research on indoor function replacement and reuse of old workshop


  • Zhaoxuan Wei
  • Deju Bian
  • Haoming Li



Old factory building; Function replacement; Interior design; Exhibition hall design.


In this era of rapid technological development, So that our industrial form of production mode is constantly updated, In this fast-paced style of life, More old factories are being abandoned by the continuous production stoppage, To combine with the current economical society, people began to focus on these abandoned factories, And through the form of functional replacement of effective transformation, For these dated factories, We need to build on this in the form of retention and innovation, We make a repeat land use on the basis of the original land, In the process of transformation, we reasonably divide the indoor space, This paper also studies on the transformation of old factory houses at home and abroad, It will also explain the design source of the graduation design "Island Song" display space, So to carry on the indoor function of the old factory room replacement and reuse, It can better integrate it into the contemporary social environment.


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