The development trend and optimization of interior design


  • Huiying Duan



Architectural space; Interior space layout; Optimal design; Humanized design.


[Purpose/Significance] Since the development of domestic commercial housing, interior space design has slowly exposed many problems and hidden dangers, and more and more people are aware of the importance of interior space design. [Methodology/Process] By analyzing the many hidden dangers that the occupants of interior design may face in the context of the new era, this paper proposes that interior design in the new environment should reasonably layout space, optimize interior space design, and improve the living environment as the new development direction of interior design nowadays. [Conclusion] This paper mainly puts forward rationalized suggestions for interior space layout, function allocation, humanized design and other issues. This paper will not only separate the interior space more reasonably, but also redefine the layout of interior space, which is more in line with the necessary conditions for modern people's daily life. With the rapid development of today's economy, China's construction industry has been developing comprehensively and rapidly, and people are paying more and more attention to the living environment. In the process of modern interior design, people's lifestyles have also changed dramatically. People's quality of life has improved significantly, and they are paying more attention to interior design as they are putting forward higher-level requirements for residential comfort and functionality. People realize that indoor living space is not only to meet the needs of human living, but also to reasonably plan the indoor space, optimize the design of indoor space, effectively improve the living environment, and to reflect the humane living environment. The practicality, reasonableness and comfort design of space layout is what we need to pay close attention to.


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