On emotional expression of installation works in public art


  • Wei Cheng
  • Deju Bian
  • Qian Shi
  • Zhaoxuan Wei




Artistic creation; Emotional expression; Public art; Installation work.


Installation work is to use the space, materials and other elements, through the art design, to explain the audience emotion or concept of the art form. Language is a very important form in the way of social communication, it can shorten the distance between people and enhance people's feelings. The emotional orientation of a work is guided by the creator in many ways. This paper focuses on the relationship between installation works and emotional expression, explores how to better express emotions in the works, brings the audience into the scene atmosphere, and analyzes some master works, to explore the effective method of combination of installation design and emotion.


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Cheng, W., Bian, D., Shi, Q., & Wei, Z. (2022). On emotional expression of installation works in public art. BCP Social Sciences & Humanities, 20, 262–265. https://doi.org/10.54691/bcpssh.v20i.2326