Teaching Dilemma and Promotion of Taekwondo in Colleges and Universities


  • Zaiqing Chun
  • Fei Xu




Taekwondo in Colleges and Universities; Teaching Predicament; Promotion Strategy.


With the development of society and economy, taekwondo sports integrates fitness, sports, entertainment and art, and has become a popular sport. With the popularization and promotion of taekwondo in the society, colleges and universities across the country offer taekwondo elective courses to activate the outdated teaching mechanism. It plays a positive role in improving the physical quality of students. The promotion of taekwondo sports teaching in colleges and universities plays an important role in cultivating students' fighting spirit and exercising good physical quality. At present, due to various reasons, there are many problems in the promotion of taekwondo sports teaching in colleges and universities, which restrict the popularization of taekwondo projects. This paper discusses the value of Taekwondo in physical education in colleges and universities, and puts forward the promotion strategy of Taekwondo teaching.


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