Study on the Communication Effectiveness of the China’s Official Publicity

-- Taking CGTN Channel on YouTube Platform as an Example


  • Yudan Yang
  • Hang Chen



Official Publicity; Communication Effectiveness; YouTube; CGTN.


Since the global epidemic of COVID-19, China has faced a more complex and harsh international public opinion environment. Under this circumstance, China has actively strengthened the construction of national image, promoted the national mainstream media institutions represented by CGTN to settle in the international social networking platform, and extensively carried out official publicity activities including national image building. However, there is still a huge gap between China and other countries, such as Britain, the United States and Japan, in terms of communication power, influence and persuasion, and the communication effectiveness is far from what is expected. This paper takes the CGTN channel as the representative of China's official publicity media as the research object, and uses text analysis and content analysis to summarize and analyze CGTN channel's publicity purpose, reading and listening key data, etc. By horizontal comparison with the current mainstream channels in Britain and the United States, this paper sums up the unfavorable situation and main reasons CGTN channels face in terms of communication effectiveness and puts forward several suggestions on how to improve their communication effectiveness.


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