Analysis and Countermeasures of the Current Situation of University Funded Education in the View of Syndrome Differentiation


  • Peizheng Yan
  • Yu Zhang
  • Qiuyue Song
  • Xiaoyu Qin
  • Ling Wang
  • Xiaofei Bo



Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment; Colleges and Universities; Poor Students; Precision Funding.


Student financial assistance in Colleges and universities is an important part of the overall deployment of "targeted poverty alleviation". In order to understand the current situation of financial aid in Colleges and universities and put forward the corresponding countermeasures, a questionnaire was designed based on the identification of poor students, the form of financial aid, psychological assistance and the effect of financial aid. According to the results, using the thought of syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the concept of combination of disease and syndrome, three factors and so on is applied to the identification and funding of poor students, so as to promote the innovative development of funding education in colleges and universities.


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Yan, P., Zhang, Y., Song, Q., Qin, X., Wang, L., & Bo, X. (2022). Analysis and Countermeasures of the Current Situation of University Funded Education in the View of Syndrome Differentiation. BCP Social Sciences & Humanities, 20, 455–462.