Research on the Balanced Development of Compulsory Education Resources


  • Hanxuan Zheng



Compulsory Education; Educational Resources; Educational Balance.


The development of compulsory education in China has shifted from popularizing 9-year compulsory education to optimizing the allocation of resources for compulsory education. In this process, problems such as the disparity of teachers between urban and rural areas, the shortage of funds in remote areas and weak schools, and the shortage of teaching equipment have arisen. The difference in policy orientation and economic level leads to t school-choosing fees which further exacerbates the gap in the development of compulsory education between schools. This paper studies the situation of the allocation of educational resources between urban and rural areas, analyze the reasons from the perspectives of government policies, traditional concepts, and economic levels, and puts forward suggestions for optimizing the allocation of compulsory education resources, aiming to reduce the gap between urban and rural areas and between schools and achieve compulsory education in China. Balanced development.


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