Green Finance, Industrial Structure Adjustment and High-quality Development


  • Ke Tao
  • Zhenfei Huang
  • Junfu Cheng



Green Finance; Panel Vector Returning; High -Quality Economic Development.


Based on the panel data of 30 provinces and cities across the country in 2010-2020, the relationship between the panel returning (PVAR) model explores the relationship between green finance, industrial structure adjustment and high-quality economic development. The results show that green finance is the reason why industrial rationality is rationalized. Industrial rationalization is the reason for the advanced industrial Granger. There is a two -way causal relationship between green finance and high -quality economic development; there is a mutual promotion role between green finance and high -quality economic development, and this promotion effect will gradually weaken over time; in addition, the advanced industrial structure is one of the causes of the rationalization of the industrial structure. But this impact only acts in the short term. Therefore, in order to promote high -quality economic development, we must implement regional coordinated development strategies, implement accurate green financial policies, properly handle the reasonable and advanced relationship between the industrial structure and continuously promote the rationalization of industrial structure, improve industrial production efficiency and economy operation efficiency.


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