Research Progress on Soil Erosion Control in Small Watersheds on the Loess Plateau


  • Yutong Sun
  • Jing Zhang



The Loess Plateau; Soil Erosion; Ecological Protection.


Due to the fragility of its natural environment and the strong impact of human activities, the Loess Plateau is one of the regions with the most severe soil erosion in China. The severe soil erosion on the Loess Plateau has caused immeasurable losses to the regional economic development and ecological security. China attaches great importance to the management of soil erosion on the Loess Plateau. After decades of soil erosion control, the ecological environment of the Loess Plateau has been effectively restored, and the social and economic development has also been significant. This study comprehensively reviews the practice and theoretical research of comprehensive management models for soil and water loss in small watersheds both domestically and internationally, and systematically summarizes their soil and water loss management models. Thus providing practical experience and theoretical basis for future soil erosion control in the Loess Plateau, ecological protection in the Yellow River Basin, and high-quality development.


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