Career Resilience and Improvement Strategies of Enterprise Employees in the Context of Digital Transformation


  • Xinyue Zhang
  • Ling Jiang



Enterprise Employees; Career Resilience; Improvement Strategy.


In the context of digital transformation, the ever-changing new economy has changed the structure and management mode of organizations, and the professional environment has become increasingly complex. The external environment is becoming increasingly unpredictable for employees, which requires them to have stronger career adaptability and better adapt to the dynamic professional environment. Therefore, how to enhance employees' professional resilience and respond to pressure from both internal and external sources within the enterprise has become an urgent issue that requires attention. Based on existing literature, this article sorts out the connotation of occupational resilience and analyzes the important factors that affect the occupational resilience of enterprise employees from three aspects: micro, meso, and macro. Based on this, it proposes strategies for improving the occupational resilience of enterprise employees in terms of individual, organizational, and social support.


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