Statistical Prediction and Marketing Recommendation of Foreign International Students’ Consumer Behavior


  • Xinting Shen



Cross-border; Consumer behaviors research; regression model; Integrated factor analysis model.


Under a dynamic and complex educational market, it forces shape the educational environment. In the context of China, accelerating economic growth produces multiple newly Chinese multinational education institutions, which lack accurate analysis of consumer preference’s inherent characteristics with educational needs. Therefore, this research is vital in helping new Chinese multinational education institutions make decisions based on foreign countries’ students’ consumer preference and further filling the Chinese multinational education institution preference analysis’ gap. In statistics, this paper uses the Data collected from OECD/UIS/Eurostat (2021) Table B6.1, throughout 45 countries, ranging including bachelor's degree, master and doctorates foreign countries students studying in China, to conduct regression analysis intensely observing foreign international students’ Country of Attendance preference. In Marketing, Multi-factor integration model authenticates the overall international student's consumer performance. It is proved that Chinese educational institutions’ attraction is dominantly attributed to stable economic growth, advanced information, and communication technology. Specifically, China has a higher affinity towards OECD country students for courses of tertiary, bachelor, master, and doctoral studies. Foreign international students' preference statistics prediction improved the accuracy of foreign international students’ behaviors towards the Chinese educational area, driving Chinese educational institutions to a more precise and effective marketing strategy. These results shed light on foreign international students' preference for Chinese education, and how should educational institutions change their marketing methods next.


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