The Relationship Between Fss and Enterprise Performance in Chinese Enterprises-based on Data from 2018 to 2021


  • Xiaolin Xu



Financial Shared Services; Enterprise performance; Regression analysis.


The digital transformation of finance begins with shared services. The major changes in the information technology environment have subverted the cognition of traditional finance and enterprise management. More enterprises have adopted Financial Shared Services(FSS). The impact on enterprise performance that helps enterprises make decisions on whether to adopt or optimize the Financial Shared Services Center. This paper takes the enterprises listed on Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 2018 to 2021 as the research sample. Then this paper conducts empirical research through hypothesis tests and regression analysis. Research findings: within the scope of this study, there is a transition period in the implementation of FSS, and it is needed that enterprises make reasonable adjustments.The enterprise value and the FSS are significantly positively correlated.This research provides a reference for the enterprises that have implemented FSS in the initial stage or companies to implement this policy.


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