Research on Opportunity Analysis and Competitive Strategy of Tesla in Exploring China's New Energy Vehicle Market: Based on PEST and SWOT models


  • Liangrui Ma
  • Jiayuan Meng



SWOT; PESTEL; New energy vehicles


New energy vehicles are one of the hottest topics today. As the international energy supply continues to be tight, the price of crude oil continues to rise and the global call for environmental protection grows louder, more and more attention is being paid to the technological development and industrialization of new energy vehicles. The rapid development of new energy vehicles has brought about significant changes to the world's transportation landscape. Over the past period, Tesla has adopted the right strategy and the global market and the Chinese market have both shown good development. This paper takes Tesla as an example and analyses its opportunities and competitive strategies for developing the new energy vehicle market in China. Secondly, the PEST and SWOT model data are analyzed. The results find that Tesla has both strengths and weaknesses in the Chinese market and that improvements are needed in some specific areas to complement its strengths and weaknesses.


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