Research on the Development of WeChat Channels under the Background of Short Video


  • Linwei Chen
  • Yi Yin
  • Yanjin Zhu



Wechat Channels, Short video platform, Big data, Competitive strategy, Positive feedback


The improvement of 5G network speed has laid the foundation for the generation of short video platforms. With the help of big data, short videos can be more accurate to push the content of interest to customers. As a veteran Chinese Internet giant Tencent, in order to cater to today's fast-rising short video market, Tencent launched "WeChat Channels" to participate in the competition in the short video market. In just two years, the latest data shows that Tencent's WeChat Channel has been able to compete with Tiktok and Kwai. The authors have studied and discussed why the Tencent WeChat Channels can grow so fast in such a short period of time, and what are the implications for those who want to join the industry later. The authors analyze the business model of Wechat Channels through the network effect of short video platforms and positive feedback loops, use SWOT to analyze the competitiveness of WeChat Channels, and analyze the differentiation strategies. Through research, the authors found that the WeChat Channels itself is in the powerful online communication platform "WeChat" ecology, and the natural customer acquisition channel enables the Wechat Channels to quickly complete the original accumulation of basic customers in the early stage, and the unique push mechanism within the circle of friends allows Video account customer stickiness and higher video quality. Therefore, these two important factors have led to the result that the video account has gradually formed its own closed-loop live broadcast business.


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