AI-RPA's Enabling and Supporting Role in Jingdong Group's Financial Processes


  • Zhongtian Hua
  • Yanrong Ren
  • Yuyan Zhang



Jingdong; RPA robot; AI-RPA.


With the acceleration of the process of digital transformation in the financial industry, improving the quality of service, reducing costs and increasing efficiency have become the primary appeal of banking enterprises. AI-RPA technology has an increasingly significant influence on global economic growth. It has a wide coverage and can be complemented by most financial industries, which greatly saves manpower and increases revenue. Jingdong RPA is a typical success story. This paper mainly studies the technical advantages and operation mode of the Jingdong RPA robot and uses specific scenarios to discuss the role and effect of the RPA robot in finance, logistics, service and other aspects of Jingdong under this operation mode. Therefore, it can be concluded that, on the one hand, it improves the information and automation management level of the financial department of the company, and helps the company to deeply reduce costs and increase efficiency; on the other hand, it ensures the smooth and safe operation of the whole system. JingdongRPA provides a reference for the development of artificial intelligence technology and the transformation of the operation mode of other companies.


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