Innovation and Development in The Metaverse under The Digital Economy — Takes Tencent as An Example


  • Qihan Fei



Metaverse; Digital Economy; Artificial Intelligence; Tencen.


n the era of digital empowerment, technology has changed dramatically, new digital technologies have exploded. Big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies have begun to occupy a large part of technological development, focusing on customers and meeting people's needs while constantly presenting new forms of expression, metaversity, blockchain, AR, VR, 5G technology gradually into people's vision. More and more countries and enterprises have begun to enter the meta-universe field, especially game companies such as Tencent, and have made many breakthroughs in the meta-universe field in recent years. The metaverse will have more possibilities in the combination of innovation in various fields, and the future metaverse may change people's lifestyles, bring technological innovation, or bring disaster to mankind. Therefore, breaking through technical limitations and improving the management system have become urgent problems that the metaverse needs to solve.


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