Production scheduling of small batch materials based on dynamic programming


  • Binling Luo
  • Changqi Wei
  • Shuhua Lou



Material Production, Demand Forecast, Production Design, Dynamic Programming.


With the development of society, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to internal management, such as material production arrangement, inventory management, etc. No matter what type of products or services an enterprise produces or operates in any industry, a certain amount of production preparation time and production time are required to provide products and services required by the market. Therefore, it is necessary for any enterprise to forecast the future demand of the target market and make production plans. This paper selects six kinds of key materials, comprehensively considers the forecast value of demand, demand characteristics, inventory and out of stock, and reasonably arranges and forecasts the number of material production plans. Further analysis and forecast the demand and production plan when the materials planned to be produced in this week can only be used in k (k ≥ 2) weeks.


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Luo, B., Wei, C., & Lou, S. (2023). Production scheduling of small batch materials based on dynamic programming. BCP Business & Management, 36, 223–230.