Research on Risk Chain Identification of Business Management in Chinese SMEs Based on ISM-MICMAC Model


  • Yiheng Ding
  • Hanxuan Hu
  • Haiyang Zhang



ISM-MICMAC, Business Management Risk Chain.


Under the background of the new era, enterprise business management faces the threat of various change factors, so it is very important to study the risk of enterprise business management. This paper summarizes the factors that affect the risk of enterprise business management through literature analysis, and constructs the index system of enterprise business management risk chain on this basis. Using the interpretative structural model (ISM), the accessibility matrix is calculated and decomposed; then, the cross-influence matrix (MICMAC) model is used to calculate the driving force and dependence of risk indicators, and finally the deep indicators are obtained. The results show that legal policy, macroeconomic environment, social environment and talent structure have strong driving force and low dependence, which are the deep indexes to control business management risk. Based on the ISM-MICMAC method, the key factors affecting business management risk are identified, which provides theoretical support for the effective construction of business management risk chain and points out the direction for subsequent research on business management risk.


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