Analyze of the Unique Characteristics of Bilibili


  • Tianshu Meng



Internet; video; development of Bilibili; barrage; profit model.


With the continuous development and expansion of bullet screen video websites, more young groups start watching bullet screen videos, paying attention to the culture of the bullet screen. Bilibili website has its unique advantages. It draws an increasing number of young people to become devoted users and rises to the top of the list of websites with bullet screen videos. It has consistently drawn the interest of mainstream media, certain official mainstream accounts, and brands in recent years. The host has repeatedly resided at B station. This paper takes Bilibili as the research object and starts with the analysis of its profit model and then examines the distinct qualities of B stations in online video from the perspectives of website community operation, media, and popular culture. This paper also takes the financial analysis of B station as the profit benchmark to analyze its financial data. What’s more, this paper studies the profitability of B station‘s profit model. The study found that the root causes of these problems were narrow revenue targets, bottlenecks in other businesses and high costs. Finally, according to the analysis results, this paper puts forward optimization suggestions.


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