Analysis of Microsoft’s Sustainable Development during post-COVID-19


  • Jinghan Huang



Sustainable Development, Environment, Economic


In the post-pandemic era, the problem of environmental degradation become serious. Environmental protection has aroused the wide concern of the international community. And global economic development is still not optimistic. How enterprises achieve their stable development in the turbulent economic landscape has also attracted great attention. But there is still a lack of unified cognition about the sustainable development of three aspects (environment, society, and economy) of enterprises. Therefore, this paper takes Microsoft as an example to explore how enterprises can achieve sustainable development in the post-pandemic era. This paper uses Swot analysis to analyze the development status of Microsoft. Then present Microsoft’s strategies in three aspects of sustainable development, and finally puts forward the problems and suggestions for Microsoft. This paper finds that Microsoft has made detailed measures in the environmental and social aspects, but still has some shortcomings in the economic aspect, which needs to be paid more attention to in the future.


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